Saturday, May 28

TV Star Rebecca Grant gets on the Million Token Train

TV star, Fox Sports, ESPN, NFL and Network sports caster Rebecca Grant seems to be a big crypto fan by the look of her Twitter Feed. As well as reporting on sports, entertainment, and technology for the networks, she has also done numerous commercials, training videos and many infomercials and has become an influencer in her own right attracting A-list twitter followers such as Yoko Ono, wife of the late and great John Lennon of Beatles fame.

Recently, Grant seemed to be more than a little disappointed with the performance of a certain dog-based coin if the tweet below is anything to go by:

A few days later she seemed to declare her real allegiance, retweeting Million Token founder TechLead’s news about being ranked no.1 on Pancake Swap and giving a shout out to the project. She also seemed to be impressed by the size and strength of the #MillionArmy!