Saturday, May 28

Million Token reaches 15,000 holders in less than 3 weeks

Despite the current crypto bear market, Million Token continues to gain in popularity adding over 1000 holders a day to reach the 15k mark, many of whom are joining the Million Army over on Discord and Twitter to help drive the development of the token.

Not many other tokens have gained in popularity in such a short timeframe and those that have are usually destined to join the ranks of the top 100 cryptos by market cap. This growth in the number of holders has been matched by interest from the wider crypto community with Million Token being listed on another decentralised exchange, LuaSwap.

This latest listing bodes well for future liquidity as recent trading on Uniswap has been dominated by whales looking to take quick short-term profits. As the number of holders continues to grow across a number of platforms, this market manipulation should begin to subside as the price of Million Token rises.

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Copycat also tokens have also sprung up with the usual lineup of crypto ‘experts’ quick to accuse Million Token’s founder, Patrick Shyu of creating scam-coins and attempting rugpulls. However, in the long run this FUD will only make Million Token stronger when people realise Shyu’s credentials as an ex-Google & Facebook Tech Lead with a long history of making honest and transparent content for his million plus subscribers over on YouTube.

Million Token is just getting started and if this type of growth continues, expect it to be up there with the likes of Shiba and Doge in the near future.