Saturday, May 28

Million Token now ranks #1 on the two top exchanges Uniswap & PancakeSwap

In a continuation of the meteoric rise in the popularity of Million Token, a look at the growth crypto charts on both UniSwap and PancakeSwap reveals that the coin is ranked number 1 on both exchanges.

Since listing on July 1, Million Token has seen a rise of over 2000%, reaching highs of over $220. The popularity of the token led to liquidity issues on the exchanges, which saw whales leave the market and take early profits. The price has now stablized around the $90 mark and continues to attract interest from the Crypto Community.

The number of holders across all exchanges is also approaching the 15,000, which is unprecedented for a token that is only 18 days old. Compared with DogeCoin and Shiba Token similar stages of their growth stories, it is likely that Million Token is set to outperform them both.