Saturday, May 28

Is Million Token the Rescue Ship to the Moon?

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is down 10.5% over a week, ETH 15.3%, BNB 12.8% and Doge is down a massive 19% over the past seven days. The only coins bucking this trend are stablecoins such as USDT and tokens which are backed up by real fundamentals and a sound value proposition.

Enter Million Token (MM). This brand-new project started by YouTube superstar and ex Google employee Patrick Shu, posted gains of 159% above its price just 7 days ago. At one point the token was up over 350% before issues with liquidity saw it fall back to $90 a token.

With a market cap of around $90 million, Million Token has a growing community of over 14,000 holders who are dedicated to its success. It has fantastic potential for future growth and now tops the trending token charts on CoinGecko and has surpassed the memecoin Shiba Token in the Google Trends for weekly searches by keyword.

Add in the drop in stock markets around the world, it is no wonder that Million Token is now being referred to as ‘the rescue ship to the moon’ by investors looking for spectacular growth.